Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paid To Chat

After a long absence to write one article, it's time to concentrate on this blog. For you who like chat and are interested in how to get dollars from the Internet. There is one site that's right for you. The name of this site is Birejji, we can get new friends here. Important thing to remember here is do not type your chat twice, wait until you get reply from other friends.

We can ask to pay out every saturday. As long as when I joined, many of which are discussed. including how to get money online, how to learn SEO, etc. Many knowledges that we can get there, of course beside the money.

The rules of Birejji are :
1. Do Not Spam - The following are regarded as spam on :
- Excessive and non relevant posts
- Excessive posting of links
- Copying and Pasting
- Posting lyrics to a song line by line
- Generally speaking, anything that most people would find annoying

2. No Pornographic Talk or Links Allowed - Please abstain from posting pornographic links of all nature as well as avoiding any topic of conversation pertaining to sexual matters.

3. Refrain from talking about AdSense Advertisements
The consequences of such activity will result in the following
- Ban of earning AND chatting privileges
- Loss of all earnings and a permanent ban after the activity mentioned above continues 

Join here.....


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