Friday, June 8, 2012

Family friendly cars and cheap insurance

We're now apparently into a double dip recession, but the Government is committed to austerity measures at all costs. So this is not the time we want to see costs rising. Yet petrol and diesel have been going up steadily and the most recent survey shows the average premium has risen by 60% since the beginning of 2007! That's an amazing amount. Indeed, because premiums are being adjusted to produce greater equality between the sexes by the end of 2012, some women are seeing quite dramatic increases. As part of a more general crackdown on petty offenders, insurers are also hiking the premium rate for first-time offenders. Speeding is producing increases of about 15%, higher for younger drivers. But mobile phone offences are producing increases of up to 60%! All this is bad enough for a single person but, when there's a family to move around with all the stuff that involves, the problems multiply.